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14th Jun 2021

Charge What You're Worth, How Passion Can Lead to Burn Out, and How to Profit Off Your Competitor's Success with Danny Zeimann

I have the privilege of getting to interview someone who is a very positive and inspiring influencer in the bass community: Danny Ziemann.

Danny has created a great deal of noteworthy musical accomplishments all while packaging with effective music business strategies, having written four books, another co-written for all music teachers. Danny has also three online courses available through the Discover Double Bass website. All of which I have personally purchased and I highly recommend.

Danny further expanded his music business with his online course, The First Call Bassist.

One might assume these are all the results of a much older musician, but he's managed to get this done all before he turned 30.

I first saw Danny at the 2019 International Society of Bassists conference at Indiana university as one of the many outstanding presenters. But it was a 2020 online based summit last summer that really drew me to him. His teaching resonated with me, transcending age differences and tapping into my curiosity; and discovering that there was so much more to learn both on my playing end, but also for my teaching methods as well.

Today, I'll be asking Danny more about his approach to his music business.

In this conversation with Danny Zeimann, you'll discover:

-How Danny began to be branded as a musician/entrepreneur aka, a musicpreneur...02:50

-How to not sell yourself short with the services you offer...09:20

  • Confront negative baggage around your attitude toward money
  • A calling does not mean you need to do it for free
  • Never assume someone's financial situation

-How a spirit of entitlement can sabotage your career...19:05

  • Acknowledge the difference between a creator and a business entity

-How to challenge your students in a disarming manner...23:02

-Biggest lessons Danny has learned in his career to date...33:40

  • Your emotional commitment to something doesn't need to match the hours you invest into it

-How to maximize your profits while others in your space are crushing it (and seem to be outshining you)...48:55

Resources mentioned:

Danny's course, The First Call Bassist

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