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18th Mar 2021

Principled Troubadour Wrestles with the Ethics of Email Marketing

While Slacker Jim continues getting his act together to assume hosting duties, outgoing host James Newcomb brings on Nathan Maingard, a South-Africa based musician who has successfully utilized Patreon to build a strong community of fans and followers around his music.

Nathan reached out to us after we sent an email to our subscribers on the topic of why we send (almost) daily emails. He said he had been wrestling with this idea, and it seemed prudent to talk about it and share it with you guys.

If one thing has proven true, it's that issues such as this are not isolated. If one person has a question on something, it's a sure bet that others have it as well.

So enjoy! And remember there are more resources available for you on the free musicpreneur mobile app. Just head on over to musicpreneur.com to gain access to the app!

Oh, and check out what Nathan is up to at nate.live. Lots to learn via observation on the topics of community-building, value-sharing and much more!

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