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19th Jul 2021

How to Identify the 3 Pillars to Your Business/Career/Life with Marc Mawhinney, Coach to the Coaches

I've been following Marc for the longest time. He's one of the most consistent entrepreneurs I know of in the online space.

And although he's the first to admit he "doesn't know a lick of music," I couldn't resist the opportunity to nab him for an interview when he said he was looking for podcasts to be on.

Marc has made his bones coaching businesspeople for around 10 years, and runs a successful business teaching other coaches how to build their own coaching businesses.

Think he might know a thing or two that would be helpful to us? I dare say he does.

In this brief conversation with Marc, you'll hear:

-How Marc got into the business of coaching coaches...02:12

-How someone can qualify themselves to be a coach with such a low barrier to entry...05:00

-Take one opportunity and run with it...08:45

-How to identify the 3 pillars to one's business...11:12

-Why you don't need to be everywhere, and all things to all people...17:45

-And much more!

Coactive Coaching book Marc mentions

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