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19th Jul 2021

Musician/Podcaster Abel James on The Musical Brain, Why Art is the Best Vehicle for Social Criticism, Why an Online Entrepreneur Must Be a Shark, and More!

I came to know of Abel James working on one of my podcast clients, Ben Greenfield. And then what really made me pull the trigger on contacting Abel myself was he was on another podcast that we service called Superhumanize with Ariane Sommer.

And it turns out that Abel is actually pretty well-versed in the realm of music, he's actually the author of a book titled The Musical Brain and it's a kind of an academic look into how music affects the brain and host of a very popular podcast called The Fat Burning Man show.

Abel and I chewed the fat so to speak (pun intended) and I think you'll dig this show.

In this episode, you'll hear:

-How Abel got into music...02:40

-About The Musical Brain book...07:45

-Why there's no such thing as a 4-hour workweek...13:40

-Business is like being a shark...18:10

-How Abel chose the name "Fat Burning Man" for his show...24:30

-Designer babies are not immune to getting scabies...28:55

We mentioned the Trumpet Dynamics podcast on William Vacchiano

And Abel's books:

Check out Abel's podcast, Fat Burning Man

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