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5th Mar 2021

The Future of This Show - And The World - Hangs In the Balance

Hello everybody, this is James Newcomb. I am the outgoing host of the musicpreneur.com podcast. If you've been following the show for the last few months, you know that a fellow by the name of Jim Lambie, who actually lives in Virginia Beach, we lived very close to each other and fate would have it that we were, that our paths crossed. And he had this idea that he wanted to get into podcasting, or maybe I sort of planted the idea into him. I'm not exactly sure how that went, but he ended up agreeing to be a co-host of this show.

The way that my own life and the way that my own entrepreneurial endeavors and interests have changed over the years, I'm no longer in a position where I am able to devote the time and energy and the bandwidth necessary to host the show. So I just sent Jim a message on Slack saying, Hey man, do you want to take over the musicpreneur show?

And he said, sure. It turns out that he's had some ideas on people he can contact, and he's put a lot of thought into it, which is good because quite frankly, I haven't.

But this musicpreneur.com is still very near it's near and dear to me. It's something that I and my mentor John Dumas brought it into existence about five years ago with a little masterminding session.

So Jim and I had a call on the 4th of March. It was the evening here in Vietnam and the morning there in Virginia. And I thought, man, why don't I record this? And just share with you guys. This is very raw. It's unedited. It's, it's very, at times very, I think vulnerable, I suppose I would say.

But it was just him and I just discussing what is this transition going to look like? And so I thought, why not? Why not just share it with you guys and just get your reaction on it. And, and why not just let the people listening in be a part of the process of transitioning.

So it's very, it's completely unscripted. You're kind of like a fly on the wall with a meeting with him and me. And I think we actually covered some pretty interesting things.

So spoiler alert. We decided that I and my media company Committed Media LLC, will retain ownership of the show for the time being. And we're just going to see how this goes. Jim is going to kind of cut his teeth as a podcast host, hosting this show. And my company is going to be taking care of the production.

So here is Jim Lambie and myself, raw, unedited, discussing the future of this podcast, and with it, the fate of the world.

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