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31st Aug 2020

Streaming as a Community Service, Why the Musician is Like the Town Baker, and the Ongoing Quest for Community w/ Matt Steady!

When I interviewed Matt Steady on the podcast a couple of years ago, I was so impressed with his humility, talent, and cultivation of genuine community among the people who listen to his music.

So when I was thinking of people I could interview for the new version of the podcast, on the topic of building community as a foundation for the musicpreneur, Matt was one of the first people that came to mind.

Since we last spoke, he's released a brand new album: an intensely personal and therapeutic project that he's shared with whoever wishes to partake. You can listen for free at mattsteady.com.

In our discussion, you'll hear:

-Matt's transition from corporate middle-manager to studio musician living off the love (financially and otherwise) of those who love his music...4:27

-The first steps Matt took when he left his corporate job to be a full-time musician...8:30

-Why musicians are different from other entrepreneurially minded people...16:15

-Why Matt uses streaming services (Apple, Spotify, etc.) even though he knows it's killing the music industry...25:00

-How community will ultimately keep musicians and the worthwhile venues alive...32:45

-And much more!

Check out Matt on the web at mattsteady.com

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