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20th Oct 2020

The True Meaning of Entertainment, How NOT to Pitch Your Product, Altucher v. Seinfeld: Two Podcasters Geek Out on Podcasting and Life!

It's been waaay too long since I did a podcast for musicpreneur.com. I've done countless podcasts for clients of mine, as well as a weekly show w/ my decent and sturdy wife, Sana.

But sometimes you've got to indulge and do something for yourself. Today was that day. I asked my friend Jason Heath of the Contrabass Conversations podcast if he'd like to do a call, and of course he was happy to do so.

Funny thing, we didn't get around to actually talking about music. But we did cover plenty of preneur - so the mission was 50% accomplished.

In this wide-ranging, and dare I say, entertaining, edition of the musicpreneur.com podcast, Jason and I discussed:

-Why a podcast is like your baby...8:00

-People are into you, not the topic...10:30

-Why put out content when there's already so much out there?...13:00

-Your hero podcaster didn't start out as a rock star...16:00

-The true meaning of entertainment...21:40

-How to kill your credibility while pitching your product...32:10

-An unconventional route to success in the digital media world...43:15

Check out Jason's work at contrabassconversations.com

And James' at musicpreneur.com

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